Advertising in Gaming

Gaming is a business. As much fun gamers have while playing games, it’s hard for some people to think of how lucrative a business the video industry is. With the increasing popularity of video games, businesses in other industries are taking notice and are doing whatever they can to advertise to gamers.

Advergaming is a new buzzword that is associated with the increase of companies advertising through video games. According to the author of Zoya Street, advergaming is when a brand pays a game developer to make a game around their brand. Because advergaming is working for companies, transmedia has also become increasingly popular.

Transmedia is another new buzzword that has spawned from the marketing movement within games. The author Zoya Street states that transmedia occurs when one media property, such as a movie, is promoted through a different media medium such as a game. Businesses have been promoting their media through other media mediums for some time but now these businesses are focusing on promoting through video games.

Companies are focusing on promoting through video games not only because of the gaming industry’s growing rate but also because games can bring in a wider range of audiences than other mediums. With a large majority of the United States interacting through social media, social gaming can be a quick and inexpensive way for a brand to advertise.

The combining of advertising and gaming can bring in a new era of marketing as well as gaming. On the other hand this movement could also lead to more game companies making games for a quick buck.


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